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Monitoring Signing and Guarding for Street works and Road works (Red Book Course)

This will depend upon the candidate’s previous experience and the level of accreditation required for the course (typically 1 day).

Intended for
All those who are responsible for supervising or monitoring the signing and guarding of works on the highway.

An intensive focussed course devised to enable an authority to maximise its performance in monitoring streetworks.

Learning outcomes
By the end of the course a candidate will know how a live streetworks site should be signed and guarded in accordance with “Safety at Street works and Road works A code of practice” (red book) and be able to carry out successfully the signing and guarding element of a category A inspection.

Course Outline

  1. Overview of the “Safety at Street works and Road works” (Red Book)

  2. Detail of relevant requirements of red book

  3. Video monitoring exercise

  4. Carry out case study risk assessment

  5. Carry out live site risk assessment and monitoring (a category A inspection)

Facilities Required
A room suitable for training
TV, video and flipchart
Suitable sites to monitor
Monitoring paperwork
One red book per candidate

The candidates will need high visibility clothing and waterproofs if necessary. The course can run whatever the weather conditions.

Maximum number of candidates

Depends on the number of candidates and documentation required. Contact info (at) parkhearne (dot) com for a quotation.

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