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Roadworker Skills Training

This will depend upon the candidate’s previous experience and the level of accreditation required for the course (typically 15 days).

To enable a candidate who has some roadwork background to get the skills required to work effectively as a skilled member of a highway maintenance team.

Course Outline



1. Cable avoidance

To use a cable detector to check for services

2. Setting out straight lines.

To tie a line between two points using boning rods for intermediate points.

3. Manual Handling

To be aware of the manual handling requirements of materials in use.

4. Abrasive wheels

To change the blade on a hand held masonry saw and use the saw safely

5. Plant

To be able to check out and use small plant.

6. Kerbs

To lay kerbs to a given line including a dropped kerb and a quadrant.

7. Edging

To lay path edgings to line and given crossfall.

8. Base (unbound)

To spread and compact to given tolerance granular fill.

9. Flags

To lay small areas of ASP to given levels (patch paving) and to cut boxes out of a flag.

10. Concrete

To batch concrete correctly, lay, compact and cure.

11. Bitmac

To spread cold lay materials to existing levels.

12. Block Paving

To set out, lay, cut and compact block paved footways and junctions.

13. Dropped access

To cut ASP to form a dropped access

14. Pipes 

To lay and connect hepsleve pipes

15. Manholes/gullies

To lay bricks and set manhole covers/gully frames to correct level.

16. Guard rail

To erect a length of Pedestrian guard rail

17. Bollards

To erect PCC or other bollards.

The course to be carried out at your location.

Materials, Plant and Tools
To be supplied by customer, Park Hearne to advise about special requirements, manual handling aids etc.

Depends on the number of candidates and documentation required. Contact info (at) parkhearne (dot) com for a quotation.

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