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C&G 6156 Streetworks Qualification for NRSWA inspectors
(Live site assessment)

Depends upon candidate’s previous experience

Intended for
All those who are responsible for inspecting or NRSWA works on the highway.

The NRSWA does not specifically require a Highway Authority’s inspectors to hold a streetworks qualification however many Highway Authorities consider this to be particularly useful when their staff are dealing with Statutory Undertaker’s representatives on site. This training course and assessment has been devised to meet the requirements of both City & Guilds and the Highway Authority.

The candidates will receive a period of intensive training to familiarise them with the latest specifications and codes of practice (if the candidates have attended the Park Hearne monitoring streetworks courses this training may not be required).

They will then visit various live sites to carry out actual Category A, B and C inspections. These site visits will be the monitoring exercise that will provide the evidence for the reports and assignments required for the C&G 6156 qualification. The sites visited would have to meet the parameters laid down in the scheme. If managed carefully this could produce all the evidence needed without need for further simulation. There will have to be a cable avoidance assessment to satisfy C&G requirements.

They will then complete the assessment documentation.


Facilities Required

The candidates will need high visibility clothing and waterproofs if necessary. The course can run whatever the weather conditions.

Maximum number of candidates

Depends on the number of candidates. Contact info (at) parkhearne (dot) com for a quotation.

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